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April Meet Your Makers!

First, the good news: It's time to Meet Your Makers!!!

That's right. Wednesday April 10th at 6:30 pm, Fresno Ideaworks is continuing with its new monthly Maker event, "Meet Your Makers".  It's a chance to share ideas, learn about the community, compete for exciting prizes, and eat pizza!

At the first meeting we explained all the exciting details, but an important piece to know about ahead of time is the monthly Maker Prompt!  Each month a prompt will be selected and everyone will be encouraged to make something (literally anything) that the prompt inspires in them!  Some prompts will be literal objects, but others might be vague and mysterious.  

Your Maker Prompt submissions (if you provide them ahead of time) will also be highlighted in the Ideaworks lobby at the Arthop before the meeting, so crank them out and drop them off!

April's Maker Prompt is... "RAGE "

So ask yourself, what does "rage" mean to you? Is it just an negative emotion, or the physical action of uncontrollable anger, violence, intense weather, all consuming fire, or maybe something that brings about the emotion in you? Then again, it could just remind you of pouring your breakfast cereal only to find out there is no milk! Now, make something that represents or reminds you of that thought. It's easy to get makerly "writers block". Stuck. Frozen. This is a way to shake yourself by the collar and create! Make something and we will celebrate the achievement together! If you're worried that it misses the prompt... paint it red!

Now, the less fun news.

After several weeks of awesome progress creating new studio space on the second floor of our beloved building, it was two steps back last month, when an old roof leak opened up again and nearly ruined work in adjoining rooms. We will persevere! But we are asking our friends to share this link far and wide - we need your help to protect and improve the makerspace for all. Every contribution to this campaign is an investment in the maker community.

Click here to learn more and donate: Rally For the Rooftop!

Fresno Ideaworks is a creative place to be; an opportunity for fellowship; and a source of inspiration. When you take a class or join a creative space you are nurturing every stage of your own creative growth, from exploring new ideas to producing something wonderful with your own hands. Please take some time to learn more about Fresno Ideaworks here on our website and be inspired to Learn, Create, and Share with us!

Questions? Call us at 559-840-8749 or email

Our Vision

Ideaworks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, public benefit organization.  Our vision is to become the driving force of inspiration in our community by providing a Maker Space to the Central Valley. We are dedicated to bringing innovation by providing our community with the resources to develop new skills 

  • through a unique hands-on teaching method of different disciplines through machine and tool usage.
  • by fostering collaboration.
  • by providing educational components that empower our community to develop entrepreneurial skills. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire our community to make with their hands what they may have once thought impossible. “If you can imagine it, you can make it.” We want everyone to have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.

Donate to support Fresno Ideaworks!


Ideaworks offers many opportunities to develop artistic and technical skills. What sets our community workshop apart is the accessibility to the collaborative knowledge of the diversity within our inclusive makerspace.


Ideaworks' comprehensive array of tools and equipment enables makers to bring their ideas into reality. Our community workshop empowers individuals by providing skills and inspiration. At Ideaworks creativity is not a competition.


Ideaworks is the hub of our community of makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We love sharing ideas, projects, passions, and our craft.  Join us and get inspired to MAKE!


Fresno Ideaworks

1730 H Street

Fresno, CA, 93721



Fresno Ideaworks is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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