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General Shop Safety and Etiquette

General Safety Policy

This is not to be considered all inclusive.

(adopted 5/2015, 1/2021 edits in italics)

Fresno Ideaworks places safety above all. All policies are to be followed and enforced in order to maintain a safe work space.

These policies apply to all members and all non-members in attendance of the Fresno Ideaworks’ central location and while within the vicinity of any Fresno Ideaworks outreach events.

 General Shop Safety

  • Avoid loitering next to machinery or in busy walkways.
  • Know where all exits, extinguishers, eye-wash stations, first aid kits, Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) binders, injury and accident report binder, and other safety equipment is located. 
  • Fresno Ideaworks can be a very busy environment and requires the full attention of its attendants. No tools are to be used if you are impaired (such as drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep, hunger etc.)
  • Dress appropriately to work safely. Wear closed toed shoes in all shop areas, secure long hair, beards, loose sleeves and apron straps, & remove dangling jewelry, lanyards, hoodie strings and anything else that can become entangled in machinery.
  • Appropriate safety equipment and personal protective equipment should shall be used when operating any equipment in the shop.
  • If heavy equipment or power tools are used during public events like ArtHop, appropriate safety barriers should be in place.
  • Do not interfere or interrupt others when they are using machinery or power tools, or otherwise in a situation that requires their full attention, unless preventing imminent danger.
  • Give others a generous amount of space when they are operating equipment or working on a project.
  • Do not attempt anything you are not confident you can complete in a safe manner; ask for advice and assistance beforehand.
  • Always clean up after yourself. This includes not leaving items in places where they may become a safety hazard.
  • Report any broken, dangerous, or potentially dangerous activity or equipment to the Shop Steward.
  • Do not attempt to use any tools or equipment with lockout tags.
  • Non-food items are not to be stored in the galley refrigerator. Spills and spoiling food in the refrigerators or elsewhere will be cleaned up immediately.
  • Chemical and Biohazard Substances and Waste – Fresno Ideaworks currently does not have the permits or processes necessary to handle any chemical or hazardous waste generation and disposal. Therefore, no substances requiring hazardous waste disposal should be brought into Fresno Ideaworks until such processes are setup. Oily rags will be packed out by the user.
  • Always listen to the Shop Steward. They have the authority to take equipment out of use if safety cannot be verified to their satisfaction.


Don’t be a jerk.

Use common sense. If you don’t have common sense, don’t use tools or equipment.

Treat the tools and equipment with respect.

Wear appropriate clothes and be clear headed.

Take responsibility for your own and fellow members’ safety.

Be alert and don’t take risks with safety.


Fresno Ideaworks

1730 H Street

Fresno, CA, 93721



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