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Ideaworks hosts in-shop events as well as collaborations with other organizations throughout the Central Valley. See where the next event will be and join us! If you are an organization that shares our passion and would like to consider a collaboration, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Upcoming events

    • 16 Aug 2022
    • 09 Jul 2024
    • 98 sessions
    • Fresno Ideaworks Circuit Circus

    Join us on Tuesday evenings after work or school for a casual gathering of folks who tinker with hardware and software. The heart of the original Fresno Ideaworks Hackerspace lives on in this weekly hangout, where you are welcome to share your projects, ask and answer questions, help with Ideaworks projects, or just check out what others are up to.

    Tech Tuesday is a no-cost event, but donations are always appreciated to help us cover general Shop operating costs.

    Minors must be accompanied by a parent or designated adult.

    For general safety

    • All visitors will be asked to sign a waiver and provide emergency contact information.
    • Do not wear any dangling jewelry or lanyards that can get burned or caught in machinery (e.g. when soldering). 
    • Do not wear clothing with loose sleeves or draped or dangling elements that can get burned or caught in machinery (e.g. when soldering).
    • No open toe shoes (anywhere in the facility).
    • Long hair and beards should be securely tied back.
    • Currently face masks are recommended but not required the facility. A cotton cloth mask with ties instead of ear loops must be well secured with no dangling tie ends.

    • 04 Oct 2023
    • 18 Oct 2023
    • 3 sessions
    • Ideaworks - 1730 H street, Fresno, CA. 93721
    • 2

    Beginning Welding is a 3-session course; each session is 3 hours. Students will gain a core understanding of how to operate welding equipment safely and get familiar with basic techniques.  This class is for hobbyists, makers, artists, or anyone wanting to try something new and challenge themselves a bit in a comfortable collaborative environment.

    Check the class times shown to ensure you can make it to every session.

    What Not to Wear:

    • Do not wear rings or other jewelry. 
    • No open toe shoes (anywhere in the facility)
    • Do not wear clothing made from synthetic or synthetic blends. The synthetic fabric can burn vigorously, melt and produce skin burns.
    • Long hair and beards should be securely tied back.
    • Currently face masks are recommended but not required in the facility. A cotton cloth mask is safest around open flame. Your instructor will explain the safe use of face masks around welding equipment.

    We will provide:

    • Eye protection
    • Face hood/shield
    • Leathers
    • Insulated gloves
    • Ear plugs
    • Materials for class projects
    • Please bring any hoods/gloves/leathers if you have them
    Upon completion of the class, Ideaworks members may be certified to use the Weldatorium tools unsupervised during business hours.
      Free Month of Membership For First-time students

      This class includes a free one-month conditional membership to Ideaworks. This offer is only valid for classes $100 and over. Your conditional membership starts on the day of your last scheduled class. It is only valid for the same shop areas and tools that were used in class. Your instructor will provide a temporary card verifying that you completed the class and are approved for those tools. If you would like to continue your membership beyond the 30 days, please visit us here:  

      Join us

      Current members of Fresno Ideaworks are not eligible for this promotion. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

      • 04 Oct 2023
      • 08 Nov 2023
      • 6 sessions
      • Fresno Ideaworks
      • 1