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Diversity and Equity Statement

During the summer of 2020 Fresno Ideaworks published the following statement of support for Makers and Innovators who have found themselves stifled by social inequity. Please join us in the effort to create a Maker community that recognizes and helps cultivate the innate genius of all people. Although our current membership still presents as a white, male majority, Fresno Ideaworks has always and will always invite any and all to help us develop equitable access to black, indigenous, and other POC Makers.

"Fresno Ideaworks is a Makerspace, but we cannot build or sustain a Maker Community if we do not include Black and Brown Makers.

We cannot celebrate creativity if we do not engage with Black and Brown artists and inventors.

We cannot nurture innovation if we do not encourage Black and Brown innovators.

We cannot promote small business if we do not patronize the small businesses of Black and Brown entrepreneurs.

We cannot participate in global open source design and development if we do not join with Black and Brown contributors.

We cannot champion women and girls in technology and vocational arts if we don’t invite Black and Brown women and girls to share our tools and resources.

We cannot build a community of any kind if we don’t confront inequity, ignorance, and brutality, or if we neglect to respect and include people of every background, heritage, and self-identity".


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Fresno Ideaworks is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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