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Ideally, we want you to come into the Shop, take a class, and take advantage of a membership to make your own cool stuff!

But we understand that sometimes you need extra help to get something done. Ideaworks is lucky to have the facilities for prototype fabrication and small scale manufacturing in a number different mediums, and your needs help us practice what we learn in the Shop. Each has different capabilities and limitations, but we love a good challenge! Some of the fabrication services we offer are:

3D Printing

Laser Cutting

CNC routing (wood only)


Fabrication jobs are priced per hour of work, with additional fees for any original design or reformatting of client art and files. Materials fees are negotiable according to structural needs, quality of materials, etc. Clients may provide their own materials if they wish, and Ideaworks project managers will advise regarding suitability and quantity.

There are no fees for consultation or estimates. Proceeds support facility maintenance and programs.

For more information please email us at with the subject line "Fabrication Inquiry".


Fresno Ideaworks

1730 H Street

Fresno, CA, 93721



Fresno Ideaworks is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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